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Liberr offers opportunities for everyone to grow financially and connect with others in their community. We are working to generate change and we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

What we offer you

A robust app where you will find the solution to your needs

Your happiness is our goal

We strive to find the right provider for you and your home at all times. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the service you booked, we will always work to correct it.

Safe and reliable

All providers booked through the Liberr platform are service providers with a verified background and highly evaluated by clients like you.

Fast and easy

Our quick and easy process allows you to answer simple questions about the service and connect with the right provider at all times.

About us?

Servicios para el hogar Panama

Oriol Cabane

Liberr Academy Director

Servicios para el hogar Panama

Ayra Ramírez


Servicios para el hogar Panama

Iván Salinas

Marketing Manager

Servicios para el hogar Panama

Lázaro Muñiz

Support I.T.

Servicios para el hogar Panama

Laura Córdoba

Financial Director

Servicios para el hogar Panama

Jorge Ramirez

Executive Director

We have more than 1,600 SUPPLIERS willing to provide a fast, safe and quality service.

With operations in PANAMÁ, next expansion to Colombia and Costa Rica.

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