Hire and Offer Services Freely

We hope you use our multi-service platform

Liberr is currently in the process of recruiting people who can provide different services (Providers). This mobile application in development will allow customers to register easily and begin requesting the performance of their tasks efficiently.
What is Liberr?
Liberr is a platform that connects reliable professionals with clients who want to contract a service.
It is an App whose mission is to create opportunities for millions of people in Panama, who want to work independently since it allows you to offer your services freely. All those who have a university or technical career, or who have confirmed experience, of legal age in search of a source of income, can be part of the Liberr partners.
What is the procedure to find a provider with my specific task?
Once you have made a request for a certain task, we search for the closest and most qualified person through our platform so that we can connect you with the best provider.
What should I include in the description?
Describe what type of service you need, how many hours it takes to complete the service, as well as the time, date, and location. Be specific with the details of what you need and include photos.
How much will they charge me?
Depending on the type of service you are requesting, as well as the provider level you need, the cost of an hourly rate will be calculated for the specific task you need to complete.

Apply today to start earning money quickly by doing what you're best at.

Too good to be true? You must be thinking. Well, it's true! This website is here so you can apply and start earning money by working on your own schedule and doing what you know how to do. This website is designed to recruit providers for the mobile application that will be ready to use very soon.
How do I register?
You must touch the button "Become a partner", after this you will be redirected to our partner portal. On our partner portal, you must touch the "Download" button where you will have the option to download the Liberr partner application. There you can start your application process.NOTE: A certificate allows you to be verified as a professional or specialist to earn more money.
Does it have any cost?
Liberr It's totally free! You do not have to pay for the use of the application and even better, the value of the service requested by the client is 100% of the partner.
How long does the application process take?
After submitting your application and necessary documents, you will receive a confirmation email. After we send your request to our recruitment team, we will contact you within 24 to 48 business hours.
How many services can I offer and what are the rates?
The number of services that each provider can offer is different: you can choose between 5 services per work area. You would charge your client a standardized hourly rate based on the type of service they provide.
How do I know if I am qualified?
1. Must have at least 3 months or more experience in a specific skill
2. You must have a mobile phone that works with cellular data
3. Must have a government issued ID
4. Must have a clean criminal history
5. Must be able to move from one place to another
6. Must be able to work physically or online
7. Must speak Spanish or English
8. Must be of legal age
What is NT / RUC? How do I find it?
(NT) is the taxpayer identification number for tax matters. This number will be assigned for control purposes and payment facilities of the taxes administered by the (DGI).
For more information on how to obtain it visit the website
The Single Taxpayer Registry (RUC) is the tax identification of every natural or legal person that carries out an economic activity in Panama, which is assigned by the General Directorate of Income (DGI).
For more information on how to obtain it visit the website
What government IDs are acceptable?
LIBERR will accept Passport, ID and driver's license.
How long until I get approved?
Your request will be reviewed within 3-5 business days. We will send the confirmation with the final decision to the email provided in the registration form.